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Our purpose is to keep our students informed about local news. Our goal is to inform students so that they can reflect on what is happening on our society and then be motivated to create a better society staring at school.

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Pedro Pablo Treviño

Hi my name is Pedro Pablo and I am 16 years old from Mexico. I am currently a fresh more in my high school in Monterrey Prepa Anahuac which I really like. I am recently returning from my two year experience in a boarding school in Connecticut, which was amazing. In my boarding school I learned a lot of qualities and past times. I learned how to be responsible of the things I had to do since I was leaving by myself. I learned new sports and made new friends and learned their cultures and past times. I learned how to know me better. In my school I got thought on how to stay informed at all times of what is going around in the world. They made me read the news every day and chose out a news and talk about it in front of my school. And I believe that this is the blog for you, and keep in touch of what’s happening in our world.


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How money influence in soccer

TED TALK by Diego Kalife

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How does underage drinking affect us?

TED TALK by Pedro Pablo Treviño

My vape is killing me!!

TED TALK by Juan Pablo Badillo

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